All That Chess!!

All That Chess!!

Mar 22, 2008, 8:49 PM |

 All That Chess!!

 I watch that tv show "The Big Bang Theory" and I like it. I am brave enough to admit that I am nerd material myself. But I am not the first brave nerd. This honor belongs to HRH Prince Charles, which I believe at proper time will be the one and only Lord of the nerds, King of technology.

 Another league of Common nerds, which I belong, first place belongs to William Henry Gates III, and I will not be specific. Second place belongs to Steven Paul Jobs. It seems to be lots of wannabe nerds, and ranking criteria from Nasdaq index to equations that calculate important stuff that I just don´t have enough space to explain now. They are not nerd material.

As a Common nerd I have one kind priviledge left, since royal or rich are not supposed to happen so far. I create "The Nerd Poets Society", with a true purpose to give a chance of eternity to nerds: "Not royal, not rich. Try noble."

 Well, let me explain. The five anciant nerds are already dead: Pythagoras of Samos, Pharaoh Cheops, Galileu Galilei, Leonardo Da Vinci and Thomas Alva Edson.

 They had what it takes: build theories out of nothing, believe that all people are interested, talk their brains out of their heads to make a point no matter what, knoledge about every possible thing, and never give up a good idea of their own!! Does it sounds familiar to you? 

 Pythagoras-Knight moves along the legs of a right triangle;  Cheops-Rook castling ´til eternity;  Galileu-Bishop "Is there any other way to see it?! How about stars instead of crosses!";  DaVinci-Queen gaze it all like Mona Lisa and do it all like Leonardo; Thomas Edson-Pawn one step at a time, we´ll get there. 

At this point, consider that we play chess trying to improve our skills one game after another it is similar to Thomas Edson trying 100 different ways to invent a lamp. Brute force in slow motion and we hope one day create a masterpiece game of our own. A game with a name, a personal Mona Lisa.

Promote the pawn, get the lady, and become Leonardo. Di Caprio. Lights, camera and...- "Just a minute, please. Hello... Yep, this is Leo speaking...Gisele who!?".  Then you may think: - "I am the king of..."?!  Whatever, we are just pawns with crowns, buddie +. In fact, the weakest pawn captured that actually ends the game ++.

  There are only two nerds nowadays: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. HRH Prince Charles is higher rank. I trust HRH on that. I´d never mind that back in the 80´s.

 Computers are the ultimate nerd creation, buddie. Ask International Grandmaster Garry Kasparov opinion about X3D Fritz. And then, buddie... ask X3D Fritz opinion about Deep Blue. They probably have next five years opinions calculated already, about all that chess. Thanks to Gates and Jobs, in advance.

 And, just one more thing about stars: they blossom!? They really do!

"The Big Blossom Theory"... and+.

(P.S.: Hey buddie, comments are welcome! Your move.)