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Old stuff

Old stuff

Mar 22, 2008, 9:47 PM 1
Old stuff

 In 1978, it was my 9th birthday and I asked for a chessboard and a book to learn and pratice chess until the tournament at boyscouts group. My parents gave me a chessboard and a book for begginers, something like "chess for dummies"... After 30 years they all are in good shape: chessboard with original pieces, book and my parents.

 My nephew and niece came to visit us last summer in december 2007, he is 8 years old and always look after his 5 years old little sister, beautiful children! He knows how to play chess and we did play one game, never finished. He likes to play chess so I gently ask him to teach his little sister while I had some work to do.

 I was so proud telling my nephew that I got that chessboard when I was at his age now, then he looked me in the eyes and says: - "So... What exactly do you mean?"

 I guess that was when I told him to teach his little sister some chess...

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