Who Moved My Chess?? Another Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life.

Who Moved My Chess?? Another Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life.

Mar 17, 2008, 3:22 AM |

 You know the feeling: "Wait! It wasn´t like this when I left!"

 Have you ever felt that a lot of things don´t need to change? No? Well... just don´t touch it, okay!!

 Some things in life need to be the same way it was last time, otherwise things don´t work properly. Can you imagine what we would be nowadays if those trees used to hang around in Pangaea? No thanks.

 Back at university, I used to play chess with a chessmaster buddie. It was a great time playing chess with him. We often did comments on our games while playing, then. One day there was this guy watching us play an endgame, and he also did talk his comments and we listened and let him participating, trying to be polite. Suddenly that guy started to move both black and white, and yet did tell us what he was sure that was going to happen next, and next, and so on...until checkmate?!

 I asked my buddie if the guy won or what?! Could be a draw?? He said it wasn´t a draw 'cos that guy checkmate himself. In fact, he did score 1 point.

 Just wonder, if I challenge myself I can score in every game, then my ranking will get higher every time I play!! Isn´t that cool?!

 That is perfect, in fact is quite the same feeling at endgames I have figure out and all moves flow... very relaxing.

 I´ve heard chess is compared to life itself, and it was never so clear to me until I realize how much I want my pieces to be where I need them to be. It is the same feeling I have about my friends and family, money, work, and so.

 I don´t mean to tell my family and friends what to do, I just want them to be around and have a good time.

 Life and work, compared to the chess I like to play, they are very simple and easygoing: watch the game, think first, then move. Win or lose, play it fair.

 But all the time odd things happen, and that fair game is sudden transposed into a very anoying someone else´s watch-this game. That upsets me down to size. Usually I endure to be polite then and that is my mistake, buddie. An a educated person is obviously a good way to be in a conversation with people we like: buddies and ladies!!

 Wirdos like that guy who moved my chess, or in my life and my work,  I just decide to give them lecture: - "I have no monk in my family tree way back to Pangaea! So not even think about move B&W on my chessboard, lab-rat!"

 And then, the finger. I mean the opposite thumb, buddie. We have it, and it works surprisingly well!! Just don´t touch it, okay.

(P.S.: Hey buddie, comments are welcome! Your move.)