Get Grobing with 1 g4

Jul 16, 2007, 11:07 AM |

while admitly 1 g4 lacks a certain amount of flexiblity, 1 g4 can not be aviod by black. Yes the opening is a risk, but then wh among chess players doesn't live for the attack and risk! Black has very few responces to this dubious opening, D5 beening the main line, if there is one. The second most common being e5 which is objectly in my opinion is best for black. Third we will look at is c5 which gives white the option of tranposing to the Kere's with 2 e4, so I would recomend a study of that as well. Fourth on our list of thin option is the counter strike of h5!?, So let's get Grobing.

This blog will be dedicated to the main line of the grob 1g4 -d5, I will share some of my own games in this line with i find instructive and thematic. So as Mio my teacher says "Let's GO!"