Grob's attack #3 1g4 e5

Jul 20, 2007, 8:37 AM |

Now that we have discussed the d5 variants of the grob, at lease a few, and I can assure you we will do more as there are many. I thought we would take a preveiw of a e5 side line that i feel is the tuffest challege to the aspiring  "Grober". As I coin the term.

The game i am presenting is a duel between Laura (a chessmaster personality rated 2073) and myself, while I didn't admittedly play the best moves, I wouldn't say that blundered either, Instead as so often is the case I chose practical moves, as the posstions reached we extrimly complex. It is my suggestion that the best way to approach a complex posstion is to play practical chess, stay solid when in dout, don't give up anything. Instead forcing them to to tip there hand, clearifing the posstion.

 63 kd7 was a miss entered move the correct move was kc5 otherwise my queen is hung out to dry i assure you the reader everthing esle is correct, but deleting a 85 move game that is fully anotated, for one incorrect move is extrime and there appears to be no other way of correcting without deleteing, and then reentering and re anontating it.