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Just cant get enough

Jan 31, 2012, 1:51 PM 0

so um hi my name is thomas rhodes and i just can not get enough of playing chess. like, i go lay in bed at night and think about chess. and i dream about it. then i wake up and like play some more chess. like chess just makes me so happy. like i dont even know what to do with myself if i cant play. if the internet is down, like i swear i just like go crazy. my girlfriend of one week has an account on like chess.com and now we met. we are like planning on meeting and playing HARDCORE chess. and no that is not codename for anything. like legit hardcore chess. like omg. like i want to just play now. so im gonna end this. i need to like play chess. like... like... like... NOW! boodbye like chess lovers. just like me.

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