Fast or Slow, I Don't Know ...

Nov 10, 2008, 3:19 PM |

Have you ever seen the movie, "Searching for Bobby Fischer?"  I'm sure you have.  I really like that movie for my own reasons.  Anyway ... the point is that there was some discussion about speed chess versus playing an untimed game.  The grand master said, "NEVER play with those fools in the park!"

If we break it down into three types of chess:

1.  speed chess - playing with a very limited time
2.  live chess - with or without a clock, but with enough time to strategize
3.  slow chess - one or more days between moves

What are the real advantages of these compared with your various objectives.  Obviously there are different objectives for different people. 

For me, I want to have a really great live game where I can unroll my chess set and beat the freak at Starbucks or whatever.  For me, should I work on live chess?  Or is there a deeper value derived from slow chess or speed chess?   What do you think?  I welcome your comments.