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Lessons of Hypermodern Owens

Lessons of Hypermodern Owens

Jan 26, 2014, 7:18 PM 2

I've built up a collection of Owen's games, some of failure, some of wins, but all with lessons. I intend this blog post to be extended with other games when I get round to analysing each of them.

Coined after John Owen, good theory was brought to the owens in the 1970's, being played GM's Tony Miles and Raymond King. Igor Smirnov verifies this as a soung opening and often mistakenly thought dubvious in amateur play. http://www.expert-chess-strategies.com/owens-defence.html

The reason behind the recommended 25. ... c3
if 26. bxc3 then 26. Bb5... a possible continuation shown below.

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