Game Analysis for 1400+: Jex_Roselin vs CwHwEwSwS

Game Analysis for 1400+: Jex_Roselin vs CwHwEwSwS

Aug 23, 2013, 1:01 AM |

This game was played with some communication back and forth about our thoughts. It's purpose, despite innaccuracies, is to educate similar ranked people 1400-1700 into analysing your position and selecting goals to play for through the annotators thoughts with help provided by local forumers and chessmaster 10th ED (16s per analysis).

How to get the most learning out of this blog post
Watching the video below will give a stronger contextual understanding of the italian game. Then see how the comments made with the opening moves fit into your understanding of the opening.

Here is a very useful video on the italian game (very common)

Opening Theory Comments (More in the game details above)
4. d3 (avoids the innaccuracy 4. Nc6, due to a pawn-fork threat explained in the above video at 24:55) symbolizes that white will keep a closed centre, many opening lines for black work to bust the centre open with an eventual d5 or to assert control over the d5 square.
4. ... d6 (departing from opening theory (see 5.))
5. Nc3 (Chessmaster 10th ED recommends Ng5! for obvious reasons)
5. ... Bg4 (Chessmaster agrees)
6. Be3 is a natural looking square, though preference is given to Bg5 (pinning the knight) often refuted by h6, whereby white retreats to Be3 but has now slightly weakened blacks kingside pawn-structure; h-pawn pushes are often unadvised to remove bishop-pins once the king has castled.

What to do now? Position submitted for study 

Theme's recommended by 2000+ players are that white is looking to attack on the kingside. Black, noticing the White has a 'committed King' and that in a closed game his King still has modest protection in the centre, should initiate a pawn-storm to puncture holes in Whites queenside. Black starts to do this with a5! but begins to lose his way.

A Critical Point

What would you do as Black?
"Jex_Roselin: looking to break your pawn chain, progress my kingside attack, lose my isolated pawn weakness. was wondering if i could afford the time for it" - Ingame chat

The game continued 20. ... g4 21. Bxh6 ... and eventually white went on to win despite some tactical oversights by both players; most obvious might be 30. Be6+ & 30. Qd7 (as opposed to 30. Bc6+ winning the rook) but at that point it was easier to throw the game now the outcome was clear. White should have been a little more careful, utilizing the theme of the outside-passed pawn more so... or exchange down and aim for the king & pawn endgame.



Comments welcome, I may update this blog due to new educational insights (from the natural resource of commenters) and hopefully it contributes to my home-boys in the group "The Student and his Game" - Shameless promotion for any new recruits.