Rs. 500/- Only

Rs. 500/- Only

Jun 27, 2011, 8:17 AM |

Rs. 500, (aproximate 10$)

What it worths to you ?

Have a look.



500 matters a lot for some people and nothing for some others.

why is it so ?

Rs. 500 gives a same amount to everyone, still it worth's differently for different kind of people.The reason is our life style.

A person having a salary of 5000 bucks per month may be in a critical time now a days, suppose he got a promotion and his salary raise to 10,000 bucks, after 4-5 months he feel again a little problem with his earning amount.Now he get a new job where he get 20,000 bucks by serving 2-3 more working hours than the previous job. he is happy with his salary now. After one year he wish to have some more money as his salary looks not enough for him.

most of people in this world have a same problem with their  salary Because salary ( Rupees ) makes a person differ than his past.

The question is why we don't change our life style if we have handsome amount to spend ? Ofcourse we should, But... Are you satisfy with what you have in your life by spending that amount. A Big no will rise inside of 96% people of this world because a big list of requirements may be there which are waiting to be fulfill in your life.Then when will this journey of requirments ends !!! Just by a satisfied mind.

" A rich man is nothing but a

poor man with money "


Be satisfied with what you have and try to achieve your goal, but don't let your money change you and your mind, may be you can have a great life with it but never a satisfied mind & goal...

" The earth provides enough

to satisfy every man's

needs, but not every man's

greed "

-Mohandas Gandhi