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My Videos

My Videos

Sep 26, 2011, 4:03 PM 19

OK, I've been putting this off for years, but since this is my big year for firsts (turned 50), herein you will find videos of me playing my piano and my guitar.  All videos are unedited, and are first runs, so please, be merciful in pointing out any mistakes you may find.  I'm starting with two, but will add more, as I get them recorded and uploaded to YouTube.  Thank you for your support. Laughing

This one is a short Classical exercise from a contemporary of Mozart's, Carl Czerny.


This a bit more Contemporary, and is my adaption of a P&W song called "Merciful God".


OK, here's a guitar one.  Just recorded and uploaded.  Remember, these are all first runs, so they are unedited, and included any and all mistakes.


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