What to do about Obama and his implementation of the Cloward and Piven Plan?

What to do about Obama and his implementation of the Cloward and Piven Plan?

Jun 29, 2010, 11:29 PM |

Someone sent me an article by Wayne Allyn Root titled, "The Real Obama Economic Plan: Overwhelming the System to Destroy Capitalism and Freedom". They then asked me, "How can we stop this when we are out-voted"? Knowing this person well, I understood their question, and their concern. Following is my reply...

Well, the answer is somewhat complicated in the details, but a little simpler on the surface. Even then, explaining it takes a lot of words. The simplest answer I can give is to remind everyone that until 1895, we were known as "THESE United States". Since then, we call ourselves "THE United States". The difference in the words is very subtle, but huge when it comes to perception.

It was NEVER the intent of our founding fathers, nor their progeny, that the Federal government run the show. Not any one of the three branches was intended to do that, nor was it intended for what we have today. The three branches are so off-base from what they were originally intended to do; nevermind that what they are doing today is in direct violation of the Constitution.

The Federal government is responsible for two things:

  1. Protect us from foreign invasion through the provision of strong milita, AND
  2. Provide for it's own budget through taxes, tariffs, fees, and levies, on inter- and intra-state trade and commerce, as well as inter-national trade and commerce.

Yes, it does say in the Bill of Rights that Congress can impement taxes as it sees fit, from time to time, and then only for a specific purpose, as in a war. But they weren't content with that, so, when FDR was in office, they passed the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, enabling the Federal government to tax people's income, and then also added a tax for Social Security, to boot. LBJ only added to the mess when he decided we needed MediCare and then Congress passed more taxes (and then MedicAid added to that tax later).

People have forgotten the Constitution, and so, have forgotten that we are a country of 50 INDEPENDENT states, working together for the greater good. All the Federal government is supposed to do is to oversee things, much like a referee in a football game. Instead, we now have the refs running the game, and telling the players what they can & can't do on any given play, and deciding who will score and who won't, and ultimately, who will win the game and who won't. It's simply ludicrous.

Of course, all this was greatly enabled through the perversion of the Public School system, which is a farce. Children don't really learn all that much from school. That's not the Fed's goal in overseeing that system. Their goal is to indoctrinate our children to be better taxpayers, not self-reliant, free-thinkers. The answer to this conondrum is in the title itself; Public School.

When you go to Music School, what do you expect to become when you graduate? A musician, of course. How about Art School? An artist, of course. What about Real Estate School? A realtor. You get the picture. Well, the word, "Public", is a unique word. It's the root word for Republic, as well as the word, "Publican". Do you know what a Publican is? It's a word that was in regular use at the time our country was founded. It means. "A tax-paying citizen of the realm", and finds its roots in the English system. So, via the "Public" school system, the Fed wants to train us to be better taxpayers upon graduating from that system.

It didn't always use to be this way, but as I mentioned earlier, everything changed after 1895. I'd love to tell you more about this, as I have a ton of material on it, and am rather well-versed in American History (history is one of my favorite topics, and, since I am a Patriot, and love this country, American History is my favorite area of history). However, I believe that I have run on for quite a while now, so will try to wrap up this little bit.

Before I do, though, I must tell you that I get all of my source data from NARA (the National Archives and Records Administration). You know, the place where Sandy Berger walked into, and then out of, with sensitive Clinton documents stuffed in his underpants. The place where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are on constant display. I've been there several times. Quite an amazing place.

Anyway, Obama and Congress can try to implement their plan. Either they will succeed, or the states will wake up and realize that ALL of the power resides with them, and the PEOPLE who live in those states. Remember, it's supposed to be a government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people; the people of THESE United States (not those who enter illegally). That's why there's such a big stink going on with Arizona. The people of that state decided to take action, guaranteed to them by our Constitution, and now, the Federal government is trying to tell them what they can and can't do. WRONG! That's just like my earlier footbal analogy. The people of that state have EVERY right to do what they are doing, and there's NOTHING that the Fed can do to stop it (although I'm sure they will try some manuever with the Supreme Court, if they aren't already doing so).

Actually, that's what's at the heart of the Tea Party movement; getting people to realize that they've had the power all along. All they have to do is exercise it. Who needs Term Limits? It's inherent in the system (built-in at the beginning). It's called, "Vote for the other guy". Election cycles run in two-year cycles. If everyone in the country voted for the other guy, in only six years (three cycles), we'd have voted EVERY Congressman OUT of office in both the Senate and the House. No more entrenched commitee members. I GUARANTEE that Congress would get the message, and they'd start actually doing what their constituents elected them to do.

Unfortunately, it seems that America is almost too far gone. The reason that these problems exist is because the people themselves have allowed it to happen. Through one circumstance or another, they've actually voted away most of their rights. The only way to get them back is to elect Representatives that will repeal all of the bad laws that have already been implemented, including doing away with Social Security, MecicAid/MediCare, and the 16th Amendment. That may sound harsh, but just Social Security and MedicAid/MediCare account for 1/6 of our budget each year. Soon, within 20 years, we will be like Greece is today.

In closing, I refer you to a much shorter article I wrote up here on my blog called, "The Real Issue in America". Keep in mind, I wrote this article five years ago. Also, keep watching Glenn Beck, no matter what anyone else tells you. He is on the money, and has EXCELLENT source data (he gets most of it from NARA, just like me).