Jim West Talks Chess: FIDE Rated Game in Fajarowicz

At last month's Dean of Chess Academy TransNet FIDE Invitational, I drew this game against NM Arthur Feuerstein, whose lifetime score against Bobby Fischer is 1 loss and 3 draws.  It features the Fajarowicz variation in the Budapest defense.  USCF ratings are shown.


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    I shall be reviewing a book on the Budapest. There I shall take up the discussion of this line starting with 3...Ne4.In the meanwhile see if you can get a copy of the NiC Yearbook 91.  It has commenced a series of articles by Gutman on the Faj. 

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    Its 3...Ne4

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    The Budapest is complex enough. Where's the Fajarowicz variation? No comments? No help to me either.

    Regardless, thanks for posting.

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    Any books on


    I am starting to play it.

    I have some suggestions from a rated 1400.

    After a6 instead of playing Nc6 you could play Bc5 with tempo. Threatens mate.

    I think e3 would be forced here.

    But if you like your line.

    After Nc6 Qd5 how about f5?

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    Well played - seems to my less than masterful eye like the white king could have outflanked to his favor on the Queen's side - but I suppose that's why I am rated as I am! Still, I'm going to play out variations to try to learn why - I'm currently boning up on essential principles like having the opposition - so this should aid nicely.

    Thank you for posting! 

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    Too bad it had no comments to help a poor patzer through it.


    Thanks for posting though.

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