Chess Playbook: Chess Battlefield Part 1

Sep 6, 2017, 3:45 PM |

Hello, First Id like to say I will get to the virtual kasparov in due time. There are about 30 opponents that I had to beat to win it. I have taken a hiatus from my blog (easy come easy go) because for awhile I was on a winning streak like never before (67 wins!!) and I really wanted to focus on my training to see how far I could take that which I did alright if I say so myself by ending it with a draw to turn it into a unbeaten streak (currently 77 games with only 2 draws!). Now to get back on track: This blog post has no picture becasue there is no picture that accurately depicts the game. It is a sub game of the Chessmaster PS2 game created by Josh Waitzken. you get to play as good or bad but I encourage those who own to game to go through both cycls (6 opponents of each for a total of 12) because unlike what one might expect the level of play is actually not the same nor the style of play but alas there are some terrible blunders played by both alike if you survive the first dozen or so moves. In this first part I will go over in my opinion the weaker part of the game which is fighting the orges. To get a feel for its play Ill post the longest game (in fact there may be longer games but I stop recording when the win is in no doubt). As always Enjoy! :)

Something New ill start doing to keep track of my opening scavanger hunt is post on the first comment the names and moves of the variations played thus far in my blogs. I dont post all games of the a.i.s but simply pick out one or a few games that illstrate the games strength but I will list the openings played even in games not posted so if youd like to see that just let me know!