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Chess Playbook: Chess master gameboy advance version

Chess Playbook: Chess master gameboy advance version

Sep 19, 2017, 12:11 PM 1

This Classical game has 1 (arguablly 2 if you count the rating changer) challenges. The main opponent is I believe this "Board Champion" (pictured avatar) which is seperate from chess master. It stands to reason that to beat this game you have to beat him but after beaitng it nothing happens that actually tells you you've beaten the whole game and I wasn't able to switch to different characters. Id do a part 2 if there was more to this game. The tutorials were surprinsgly brief but helpful and the contrls can be annoying at times. Theres a feature to play a handicap game and board set-up to train in whatever opening or other position you wish but it ends there. the computer plays pretty badly the first game and in fact so did I (its games like that one that I debated posting most games for my blog. it was just bizzar) The next game which I'l sure first is the complete opposite and briallancy prize worthy if I do say so myself. Enjoy!

The second game is wacky and the computer gambits a whole piece for nothing.

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