Chess Playbook: Special Interception: Spongebob Chess

Chess Playbook: Special Interception: Spongebob Chess

Aug 22, 2017, 11:20 AM |

Hello I had to make a interception from my blog about virtual kasparov for this online game for a couple reasons. For one No where on the internet has the achievements for this game been completely achieved but I stongly believe im the closest to it since I've completed all except one of the achievements and thus the urgency to post so in the slight chance someone gets this far before me lol. The achievements for this game are for one very myseterious but emphasis some general rules given to a beginner which as you will proobably be able to tell is geared for novices. Obtaining these achievements are easy enough if you just know what they are which the game simply doesn't tell you. Like Ultimate chess (discussed in my first blog) One only needs to actually obtain a winning advantage then simply play around to get the rest (like capture all pieces and enpassant). Some uniqe twist is how draws don't exist! while trying to figure out what the last achievement might be I thought it maybe to simply draw but this cant be for a 2 reasons (you can repeat a position however long youd like or beat the thing down to 2 pieces and just play whatever for 50 moves but theres no way to claim a draw and to capture all of the A.I.s pieces only wins the game for you even if you have insufficent material on board (yes I tried all ways to draw and not even stalemate worked where I left a second piece unable to move and purposely let the king get to a corner not to mate it) Overall a pretty fun game for beginners but weak and slightly confusing (1.5/5) Below I list the achievements and a couple of games.

The achievements are as follows :

Beat Patrik, Mermaid Man, Larry, Flying Dutchman and Plankton

Save the Queen: Preserve your queen throughout a game

Fortify the walls: Castle

Passing Pawn: perform enpassant when given the chance.

Captured: Capture all the enemys pieces

Promotion: Promote a pawn

Mystery: The last achievement I didn't get and it doesn't say how to obtain it anywhere. After trying many things I honestly think the achievement is to purposely lose which I just dont really find acceptable as something worthy to achieve.

No loss(my own challenge since the last achievement is a mystery which is to win a game with no pieces lost.) below is the game. enjoy! 

Also heres a game against the final boss to get a good measure on the level of play from the game (which isn't much imo). The game does have a grading system from F to A and in this like all the other levels I got a A as well :) Light annotated. Enjoy!

Patrick played how I think he would actually play