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Chess Playbook: Virtual Kasparov Part 1

Chess Playbook: Virtual Kasparov Part 1

Aug 17, 2017, 10:40 AM 1

This game was really unique for its time (2001) as a game that had different a.i. with different styles and skill levels to play against. not too hard tho as the play could be very different which ill give exmaples of below. For this I did speific kind of training in that I only would go off of the tutorial which was a pleasant surprise of study material including drills, games annotated by kasparov himself and topics on a phase of a game illustrated by a miniature which was  great touch in keeping the instruction short but still useful! this was something of a good feat for me as since playing through this game it up started a win streak of 32 wins (starting with the game from ultimate chess in my last blog.) (side note: including another venture and my recent results from playing on chess.com im on a win streak still! (36-0!!). a nice touch to the game was how the a.i.'s had back stories and even full names. Surprinsgly reaching the last level where you play a actual virtual kasaparov wasn't the hardest game for me but was still a nice game but well save that for later. the very first opponent I encountered was pretty solid. Take a look!

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