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Chess Playbook: Virtual Kasparov Part 1b

Chess Playbook: Virtual Kasparov Part 1b

Sep 19, 2017, 9:14 AM 2

Finally getting back on track with my blog and the virtual kasparov game! I took 2 hiatus from my blog. The first because I was on an incredible winning streak (in the 60s) that I wanted to focus on and the other time because I was on an unbeaten streak and I realized I could (I guess unoffically) break a world record of # of games unbeaten which I technically have already done now (currently 105 games unbeaten while the acclaimed record held by GMs Tiviakov and Lalic 110 is still a work in progress that im 6 games away from beating!) I've come back to my blog thought to justify the record (post all games which go along with my blog and to reanalyze them now that im a little stronger). Continuing with one of the longest of these video game conquers is Virtual Kasparov for the gba I decided to go through these parts by the "virtual" continents the game has you go through. For exmaple this part 1 will be of Africa, Part 2 America, Part 3 England Part 4 Asia and finally Part 5 Russia. All games will include some annotation.


The next games are a clear example that getting further doesn't always mean your opponents get stronger.

Its my theory that computers in the beginning stages got it very mixed up the relative value of the pieces lol. 

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