My Shortest and Most Precise Victory over a Computer

CM Jobito

After all said and done to buttress the point of "King Safety" it can be appaulling to see Computers with "Strong" or "Quite Strong" fall for such quite obvious but innocuous disaster over the board.

I, do my best to play as many games with Computers as possible because this days I notice that they have a most extensive "Blunder Checking Engine". However disputing that might sound, it is very true. Playing continually against a computer arms any observant player against obvious and not-so-obvious blunders.

In this game, everything went well until... Well, I prefer to put it to you as a puzzle, that way, you may or may not get the point of the argument.
















As I see it, the solution is right there on the board. surprisingly, in a 5-minute blitz game, at this move, my time limit was 4:18 while its was 3:23. The game finished in about less than a minute later on my clock. Black got to pay dearly for neglecting to defend his kingside in as little as a single move, you can call it the "One move disaster".

Closer scrutiny also shows that I missed one or two faster routes to checkmate, but hey, it didn't make much difference to prevent the imminent doom. However, I have leartnt that "As a rule, deliver mate when you have it, don't wait one move further".(the development team, Chessmaster-9000)