Bibou and the world of chess // Solitaire chess


I don't know if there's the same book in other country than France.

I found it while looking for books for my childs at the local public library:

I don't think my girl learn anything new about chess from it but she enjoyed the pictures and she now knows that there exists something called a "chess club".

Another day I went to a chess store at Paris called "le damier de l'Opera".I was there to play to play with XBH. While playing my eyes were caught by a game called "solitaire chess":

I eventually bought it and thought it could be a gift for her next birthday or christmas. Back at home I showed the game to my wife and she said to give to her already so did I. I'm surprised by the result. After doing with her the first 4 problems she's now playing with it by herself. Still I have to help her a bit because she's only 5 but I was impressed she had almost the answer of the last challenge already (without my help for this one,... maybe it was luck Cool).

The most interesting fact about playing with solitaire chess is that it helps her to learn the knight moves.

I found also a book collection at the chess store:

Maybe I will buy the first manual one day. Does someone have some experience with these books?