Menton Open
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Menton Open

Oct 29, 2017, 11:32 AM |

From 22nd to 29th I played 9 games at the Menton Open and I had a pretty bad tournament. I keep making mistakes and blunders at a big rate grin.png

Here are a position from each game and the result:

 The result of this last position may be somewhat surprising but it explains well why I'm 1700 OTB. I just blunder from time to time (maybe too often) and without any clue why I'm doing this and what to do about that.

 I'll have nightmares about this during a long time...

My conclusion about the tournament:

  • A very good organization in a very nice place
  • In most of the games (7 out of 9) I was happy with my homemade opening preparation
  • I still have difficulties to understand correctly some position
  • I do blunders!!! sad.png