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Vacation in Lebanon

Vacation in Lebanon

May 1, 2017, 10:31 AM 0

Almost every two years I fly to Beirut, Lebanon. That's always an experience for me.

The first time I went there was in summer 2006, just five days before an invasion by Israel (I will not dive into politics and motivation of this war). It was the first time for me to experience bombing during night and days and to see a country changing from pure life to completely frozen. After more than 2 weeks waiting, I finally went to my embassy with the following strategy in mind. I knew that families, women, children, sick people had to be evacuated from the country first but I thought that if there was still some room in a military boat they will take me. So after over 6 hours of discussion with embassy people I finally went back to France. I was lucky enough to embark in the last boat. I still can't find words to say how grateful I'm to the military that were on board.

After the mass destruction of the country, people were quick to rebuild it. Here are some pictures:

Near Souk Beirut

The marina


Of course not everything is good in the country. I can witness that every time I come back it is more and more polluted and it makes me feel very sad. There's still some very green place and I hope they will be preserved.



During my holidays I was far from a computer most of the time but it was not possible for me to stop playing chess. Due to the lack of player near the house I went, I mostly looked at some recent games. Here is a picture of the key position between WFM Virkud and WGM Foissor from last US women chess championship.


Blacks managed to cut out Whites' Queen from active play and will soon sacrifices their own queen. I really enjoy this kind of play (mainly because I can understand it) and sometime I try to play this way (and of course I try to avoid falling into such trap). I'm not as successful as WGM Foissor and here's a bitter memory from my personal play on chess.com

I was Black and managed to cut Whites in two after sacrificing a piece. This position was all about timing and I was not able to convert it into a win or even find a draw. Whites' Queen and Rook in a1 are out of play but only for a moment. White King feels a bit lonely and is badly defended. The correct plan is to cut Whites' King from a way out by playing a Rook in e8 and attack with the Queen. I don't know why but I started to do the opposite. I brought a Rook on f6 to attack Whites' King and let my Queen on the e column... It was too slow and it ended as a loss for me sad.png

Sometimes in chess like in life you try to build good memories but then something goes wrong and it ends with some mixed feelings like something not achieved.

Thanks God, there's Knefeh to console me


and they are all for me ;-)




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