The first post!

The first post!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. Due to me being a weak player at this time, (<1400) not being a member of USCF and thus not able to play in otb tournaments I will write about's live tournys. I will knowingly disregard IM Rashid Nezhmetdinov's words "He who analyzes blitz is... well I think you know what I'm gonna do. tongue.png 

Here goes.

I was fresh off a 3|0 tourny where I beat a 2060! I was feeling pretty confident as there were only one 1800s and no 1700s. I've beaten 1600s before so I wasn't too worried about them. I RARed the 32 players in the tournament chat and waited the 3 minutes till start. 

I was lucky enough to be in the top 16 players and got matched up against an 1100 @Lalo_Fischer. I said "RAR!" and played e4.


I enjoyed that game and was looking forward to the next round and didn't have to wait long. I noticed that the 1800 had lost. Nice! Maybe he'll drop out.

I said "RAR!" to my opponent for round 2 who was another 1400. @ConstantinCristescu was the name and here is the game.


That was embarrassing. That was messy. That was terrible. At least it's over.

I was not too optimistic about my chances of placing top three after that. The 1800 had stayed in and won.

For round 3 I got paired against a 1300 @almasfahmy who must have been so intimidated by the "RAR!" I typed to him in the game chat that he had to leave the room. 


If only RAR worked like that every time. tongue.png

2/3 was good in my opinion. It's strange how quickly your expectations can change. Half the people had already withdrawn, there were only 16 left but that 1800 was still there.

I got to RAR and play the Anti-e4 RAR Attack against a 900 @CifuSaez in round 4. 


I was feeling good sitting at 3/4 and the top three were in my sights. That pesky 1800 was still there and was also at 3/4.

It was just my luck (and the pairing system) to get paired against 1800 @Anumakaar. At least I was white. I said "RAR!" and played e4.


3/5. Now I was just hoping to get a good plus score.

My opponent for round 6 was a @GustavoTasin who was 1300. I RARed him and played this game.

3/6, I was worried I wouldn't get a plus score. I got a white against 1400 @thwreatt2011 for the last round and it took 33 seconds for my opponent to recover from my "RAR!" Naturally, I tried to flag him.
4/7! I got a plus score. happy.png I finished 7th out of the 10 people who stuck out the full 7 rounds. The 1800 came 2nd, he lost in the final round to the 1500 who came first with 6/7. Here is the link to the tournament if you want more details. Thanks for reading. happy.png