Funny conversation I had the other day playing go

Funny conversation I had the other day playing go

Jan 23, 2017, 12:01 PM |

Move 1

[4:14] benmbasha[19k]: hello

Move 2

[4:14] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: hello, my name is John kilppert

Move 56

[4:25] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: The Secretary hasn't finished the syllabus yet beacuase she can't do here $*!% job

Move 58

[4:26] benmbasha[19k]: where $*!% job?

Move 60

[4:26] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: but I'm working on the yllabus so I can at least give that to you as soon as I can

[4:26] benmbasha[19k]: bruh, what?

Move 64

[4:27] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: all I can say is I'm working on it 'stares at the board in silence'

Move 67

[4:28] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: we here at tyrones automotive appreciate your patience, please wait as we are assisting other custonmers

Move 71

[4:29] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: I also must make a sandwich with mustard and mayo, be back in a bit-a-bit

[4:30] benmbasha[19k]: I hope its a sandwich with just mustard and bread

[4:31] benmbasha[19k]: I'm makin eggos n peanut butter

[4:32] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: nice

[4:33] benmbasha[19k]: Im not done yet bruh

[4:33] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Sometimes when I do not have anything except for a bottle of mustard I will just eat it straight. But when I have a little bit of mayo I make a yummy yummy sandwich

[4:34] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Breaks are important I agree

[4:34] benmbasha[19k]: So your sandwiches are mustard and mayo?

[4:35] benmbasha[19k]: u a real 1 b

[4:35] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: I take one on my walk to class every day

[4:35] benmbasha[19k]: what do you study?

Move 72

[4:36] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: What Mathematics is Not. Also at times Mere Unfounded Opinionated Psychiatric Contemplative witty takes

Move 74

[4:37] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: I also teach what Philosophy is not in our special afternoon series.

[4:37] benmbasha[19k]: Are you like the dude who jeff goldblum played in jurassic park?

[4:38] benmbasha[19k]: "you dig up-dig up dinosaurs?"

[4:39] benmbasha[19k]: You ever see that video thats a remix of jeff goldblum laughing

[4:39] benmbasha[19k]: ?

[4:39] benmbasha[19k]: It's the best

[4:40] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Have not, I guess that! was a mistake. I will have to look at the notes

Move 77

[4:41] benmbasha[19k]:

Move 78

[4:42] benmbasha[19k]: So what isn't math?

[4:42] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]:

[4:42] benmbasha[19k]: it's not available :(

Move 80

[4:42] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Oh HELL That! was a mistake ...

Move 81

[4:43] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Math is not Merely Contemplation

[4:43] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: as my teacher Jeff teaches

Move 95

[4:47] benmbasha[19k]: But do you know what math IS?

Move 106

[4:52] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: To figure out what it IS I have to first figure out what it's not. That's why I'm studying. I'm still trying to figure out if it's spirituatily or mysticism

[4:52] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: but I don't even know what Spirituality is

[4:52] benmbasha[19k]: What number was jesus?

[4:53] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: 64

[4:53] benmbasha[19k]: I though he would be 13

[4:53] benmbasha[19k]: But that could be

[4:53] benmbasha[19k]: What about Judas?

[4:53] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: but that was a mistake, that's not a kilp

[4:53] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: 46

[4:53] benmbasha[19k]: duuuuuuuuuude

[4:54] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: I thgink you mean there's do

[4:54] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: sec the venerable acosta

[4:54] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Oh HELL my back hurts

[4:55] benmbasha[19k]: That's because you was talkin $*!% bout JC

[4:55] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: That! was a mistake

[4:55] benmbasha[19k]: Bad moufin da lawd is always a mistake

[4:56] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: just like not taking Klip

[4:56] benmbasha[19k]: You're a weird dude but I like it

[4:56] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: I dig ya too

[4:56] benmbasha[19k]: you klippin son?

[4:56] benmbasha[19k]: You on da klip?

[4:56] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: but I now I need to know who the $*!% you are

[4:56] benmbasha[19k]: I'm Ben Basha

[4:56] benmbasha[19k]: Don't steal my identity

[4:56] benmbasha[19k]: I need that for stuff someday

[4:57] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: haha sure won't when I need that I use other aliases like Mustafar or Master Spectre

[4:57] benmbasha[19k]: But you probs won't, you got your own pots bubblin

[4:57] benmbasha[19k]: I see you

[4:58] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: what is da klip btw?

[4:58] benmbasha[19k]: I dunno

[4:58] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: neither do I

[4:58] benmbasha[19k]: You said not takin klip was a mistake

[4:58] benmbasha[19k]: So when you take klip

[4:58] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: it is! , but klip is a he not a wwhat

[4:58] benmbasha[19k]: you be klippin

[4:58] benmbasha[19k]: STRAIGHT KLIPPED OUT

[4:59] benmbasha[19k]: KLIP GANG

[5:00] benmbasha[19k]: Its the new swag

[5:00] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: sure is

[5:00] benmbasha[19k]: JC was a klip

[5:01] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Oh so it IS spiritualit?

[5:01] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: that's profound

[5:01] benmbasha[19k]: klip is all

[5:02] benmbasha[19k]: all is klip

[5:02] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Klip is da BOMB indeeed

[5:02] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: the $64 Question is why he's not the president of the university by now

[5:03] benmbasha[19k]: Because the university is an establishment made by ignorant people to suppress the klip but like all meager trappings of mortal men it too shall be washed aa

[5:03] benmbasha[19k]: *away by the tides of time while klip remains strong

[5:04] benmbasha[19k]: klip is the foundation

[5:05] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Replace trappings of mortal men with all mortal hipperts and your word is gospel

[5:06] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: So, ... have you ever played take the break basketball?

[5:06] benmbasha[19k]: the hipperts shall be purged from the klip until it is pure

[5:07] benmbasha[19k]: No what is it?

[5:08] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: It is like basketball but before every shot or pass you must first take the break just like kliop

[5:08] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: now you have two options for accomplishing this -- three short breaks, or one long break

[5:08] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Thone are the sixty-four-dollar-options

[5:09] benmbasha[19k]: But how long is a break?

[5:10] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: 6.4 seconds or three short breaks of 3.2.

[5:10] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: That is unless you ar in the High Post

[5:10] benmbasha[19k]: Can you do stuff between the 3 short breaks?

[5:11] benmbasha[19k]: And if you dribble, take a short break and dribble again, is it a double dribble?

[5:11] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Sure, as long as you're sec.,ing the venerable acosta

[5:11] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: if you take a break the dribble resets. Thene are Klip's Rules

[5:12] benmbasha[19k]: Whats a venerable acosta?

[5:12] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Imagine there was an Acosta that wasn't venerable. But that would be ridiculous! Like the 500pound

[5:12] benmbasha[19k]: Is it a wise respected portugese person?

[5:13] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: So that acosta would be MERELY possible. That is why the acosta is venerable

[5:13] benmbasha[19k]: Are all acostas venerable?

[5:14] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: Only if he flips the bed, throws the keys, and then punches a wall and complains that his hand hurts because then you expect it

[5:14] benmbasha[19k]: I see


[5:47] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: I think I'm off to find Hackey now

[5:48] benmbasha[19k]: Good luck

[5:48] benmbasha[19k]: thanks man, you too

[5:48] John-C-Kilppert-64[25k?]: thanks, have a good night