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Damned Tactics Trainer!

Sep 29, 2010, 11:02 AM 1

I've just about had enough of the so-called tactics trainer. In which typical chess environment does one only get seconds - a couple of mins at most- to take a move? Professional games are typically over an hour in length and therefore you're not rushed to take your move or 'solve a problem.' So why do we need to act fast in order to improve our tactics? If I want a game of speed chess then it may be fun but personally, if I want a fast game then I'd probably challenge someone to tic-tac-toe - and couldn't care less if I lost! Chess if played seriously is obviously not a speedy game and I am a slow thinker. Doesn't necessarily make me a poor chess player, I mean I always solve the chess problems when I have more time but then my score just gets lower and lower - even if I am continually 'successful!' Go figure!!! Everything seems to be about speed these days! What do others think? Great for the speedy-brains amongst us but what about those like me who need time to think?

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