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He quit when I was in the sh**!

Sep 10, 2010, 4:29 PM 3

Last game I was two moves from being destroyed by a player who was playing a great, decisive and incisive game...and then he resigned!!! What? He must have started a 30-minuter but hadn't the time to sustain such a length and had to leave! Unbelievable how he would do that and now give me a false win and rating. I sent a message asking what had happened but without reply. I can't say I'm happy with the win 'cause I was as good as buried and I take chess and this site quite seriously...which is not wrong, is it? I think I have a right to be bitter - if people want a quick game or have only the time for a quick one, they can set it up for a 5 or 10-min one or whatever. He said, "come on mate" which I thought at the time was encouragement to play a stronger game...now I realise he was trying to bloody rush me into taking my moves! It's not my fault, I set a 30-minute game, rushing someone at chess is just not 'etiquette' and ill-mannered! Now I feel better. There are many ways to win a battle and he killed himself off! Fortune is ALWAYS a factor in battle - and I had the divine wind behind me!

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