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A New Road

A New Road

Feb 1, 2014, 3:04 PM 2

Hello everybody interested in reading this blog, I'm writing this because i realised my chess habilities have increased very much suddenly.

Why I say that? Well, I've been playing chess ocassionally since i was a child but it was a couple years ago when I seriously started to pay atention to this amazing game thanks to internet media. I couldn´t beat any player in this web upper 1000 Rating... until a couple weeks ago. I used to view YouTube videos but, i wasn´t improving. 

However, when I joined the chat session of the Tata Chess Tournament I think I started to understand this game. Also, viewed GM matches instead of teory videos. And "voilà" one day I beat a 1200 player... That can seem not a big success, but it was for me. 

After some matches lost against this uprated players (and some victories) I decided to try again against "my old group" that players under 900 rating. It became easy now! But, sometimes, they caught me and I lost a lot of rating again, so i focused in NOT HAVING ABSOURD FAIL MOVES... I wanted to improve that part of me and recover my 1080 rating... And I did it by winning 15 consecutive matches... So after this learning proccess I can play in good conditions against 1200-1300 rating players so I think I'm in the good road!

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