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King Activity

King Activity

Sep 6, 2014, 6:31 PM 2

Hello again, I'm back on chess and I can say I changed my style in that endgame tricky situations that i used to lose. Thank you for the comment Tomppeli, i didnt read it until now, but it was exactly was i was making myself focused in: The King Activity.

Definately not a good idea to freeze in the background, so altough its scary to launch it away for searching some activity its absolutely necesary to move it between that pawns. Im very far from dominate it, but I'm happy when i won that way altough I dont like that style of matches too much. I prefer to checkmate with my first pieces but chess is chess and thats something we have to trade with. 

Maybe I'm a noob with noob matches but I like mistakes in the opponent to have fun although I'm mad when i do that blunders. 

Hahaha!! Well, This is an example of how I have fun in chess although this is not one of my best matches, but I like from this one, that what I had in my head worked through the win =D. I know that sometimes we have to change our idea of the game during the match, but this is so gratificant... =D Thank you for playing with me and Have fun everybody!!!

OHH an this is a crazy sacrifice total crazy match!!

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