ChessVideos.TV Best of the Week: February 10-17


Our "Best of the Week" used to be a weekly feature, but has been on a hiatus for the past few months.  We've decided to resume the feature, however, so stay tuned for future editions every Sunday.  Most of the threads and videos below are from the past week, but there are a few older links that deserved mention.

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In the discussion forum, Robofriven linked an interesting Jeremy Silman article that sparked a lively discussion.

Leatherlung started an interesting discussion of lines against the King's Gambit.  Blackadder and Zibbit's suggestions are especially interesting.

The ChessVideos book club is underway, so if you want to discuss Jeremy Silman's How to Reassess Your Chess, visit this thread.  In a related thread, Robofriven discusses one of Silman's training ideas highlighted in the book.

armis' Exercises to Solve continued with a lesson on the "King of Rook Endings."  armis' descriptions are entertaining and they make one of the all time greatest rook endings easy to follow and very instructive.

In the Game Replays and Analysis forum, gooeyjim posted his first tournament win against a master.  Phobetor posted a tough loss, and his thoughts about the game are fascinating (the analysis is great too).

Our Chess Puzzles forum has been growing, with Phobetor posting some great "How to get here?" puzzles.  Try them yourself: #1, #2, and #3.

Meanwhile, our video forums have been bustling, with great new videos from forum members of all strengths:

Bkildahl, moderator of the Game Analysis forum, posted an entertaining (and instructive) game analysis video.

Maple Stevens recorded an overview of the free chess database program ChessDB.  If you're interested in a no-cost alternative to ChessBase, check out his video.

By popular demand, we created a  Live Commentary sub-forum in Master Hangout where titled players can post their live commentaries.  IM curtains has posted more than 100 commentaries,  and you can watch two especially popular videos here and here. Zibbit has also posted an excellent live commentary.

We've also continued to work on the ChessVideos.TV training tools, and you can now play custom positions in the endgame simulator.  Read about it here.