Best of ChessVideos.TV October 1-10, 2007

Oct 10, 2007, 9:06 PM |
Things have been bustling at ChessVideos.TV.  This new weekly series will highlight the top video and forum content on the site.

For fans of desert island scenarios, JoshSpecht started a discussion of members' five favorite chess books.  Lots of members presented their own lists and if you have your own list, let us know.

Themofro updated his classic Bird's Opening thread, adding variations to use against a critical anti-Bird variation.

Things have been busy in the Training Journals forum.  New member Crash started a journal, bringing the total count to 22 training journals.  These logs have been a good way for players to chart their progress, so if you're interested in a way to focus your chess training, consider starting one!

Continuing the analysis exchange tradition, sign-ups for the October Analysis Exchange have opened.  If you're interested, sign-up! Our members have produced a lot of great analysis.

Armis is now moderator of a special forum entirely devoted to positional puzzles he has created.  The puzzles are really fun and his analysis and commentary is top notch, so check out Armis' Exercises to Solve.  My favorite is his discussion of the 1st Fischer-Petrosian game in Buenos Aires, 1971.

Petrovitch proposed the creation of a Positional Motifs forum, which seeks to develop in-depth analysis of positional motifs like opposite colored bishop positions, exchange sacrifices, and queen vs. rook positions.

Our series Training Videos From the Masters continues, with IM Coelho posting his analysis of the classic game Ahues-Alekhine.  Stay tuned every friday for a new video from IM Coelho!

Member submitted videos are also going strong, with JoshSpecht and Stockton recording a dual commentary, and BKildahl continuing his string of excellent analysis videos.

We've also had some great discussion in our Other Topics forum, including an excellent series of logic puzzles from TrialAndError, Phobetor, and others.  But, reading and posting in the Other Topics forum is members only, so if you want to join the discussion, register for ChessVideos.TV!

Also, if you have a chess blog or site, and link to ChessVideos.TV, send me ( an email, and we'll thank you in this weekly update!