Parma Novemberfest 2015

Nov 25, 2015, 5:42 PM |
On November 21st, I played in a tournament in Parma, Ohio. I had just got home from College for Thanksgiving break the day before, and was a little tired. But not too tired.
This tournament, called the Parma Novemberfest, was held in a German social club. It was a nice place.
For my first round, I played David Demetruk. I think I played him before, and was beated. I was beated again. Perhaps I should have gripped his hand more tightly. He gave me the dead fish handshake, was bad since he could be my grandfather. I thought older people knew to shake your hand properly. Apparently not.
I was a little mad after that game. Mainly because I missed the win, and realized it a second later. Going into the next game, I was worried that it would effect my playing. During my next game, I felt like I did not have a plan at the beginning.
Kenne gave me one of the best hankshakes I have recieved in my chess career. It was good to meet someone who gave a firm handshake.
So that ended up being a fun game. That put me in a better mood. I remember in each game, that there was a point in the game when I told myself, "go for it, have fun." In this game, it was at the point where I sacrificed my rook.
This game was interesting. Cody Yang was the only kid that I played that day. I have said it before, that it is annoying to play kids. I wish they knew how to shake your hand. I was one too once in all fairness. I guess the big thing was that I saw how impetuous he was. He was talented no doubt, but he moved too fast, and it got him in trouble quite a few times.
Here is the end of the game. Some of it was lost due to time trouble on my part.
I remember my brother when he was younger. He moved too fast as well in his younger days. But as I reflect on this game, I remember Cody would grab a piece, and then realize he should not have touched it. I do hope that he learns to overcome that impulse. How much better could he get? Maybe next time, he will be careful, after this mistake.
In round 3, my Dad played  this guy, and drew. This is the only game that I have not gone over with another person with. It was a little confusing, and I don't know were I should have pushed harder.
If you have comments on this game, I would appreciate them. At the end of the game, I was worse off, but both of us were somewhat tired, and we finished with a draw.
A good tournament in all. I do need to work on some things, but I played well enough to go up to my highest rating yet, 1780.
I keep saying that I want to reach 1800 by the end of the year, and it keeps not happening. So I will keep my fingers crossed.
But I will say that if I can keep playing as well as I did, I am sure I can get there by the end of the year.
Comment if you have to say anything this post, including my incompetence or brillance in this games, or if you just want to fill the empty space under my words.