A Life Without Chess

Feb 14, 2010, 11:30 AM |

A life without Chess is like...

·       Mama Cass without ham,

·       Hollwood without glam,

·       An e-mail without spam,

·       A toe without jam,

·       Macaroni without cheese,

·       Fa without breeze,

·       Peanut butter without jelly,

·       Fat Bastard without his big assed belly,

·       Gangstas without pants that are baggy,

·       Old women without boobs that are saggy,

·       The world without bacon,

·       Liam Neeson without "Taken",

·       Snooki without the poof,

·       The Sistine Chapel without its roof,

·       DaVinci without his code,

·       Aspen if it never snowed,

·       Drizzy without swag,

·       Jet without lag,

·       Ice without cream,

·       MLK without a dream.

In other words, life without Chess would suck.