My journey learning the Smith-Morra Gambit

Jun 23, 2014, 6:33 AM |

This isn't supposed to be read by anyone other than me, so if you are reading this, don't complain when it's not user friendly. I've decided to start learning the smith-morra gambit, and my blog is for me to track different games and ideas I can use in games. If that hasn't bored you to death to the point where you have closed the tab, and presumably in reading this, you haven't, then have a flick through a few of the games below and maybe try to pick up a few ideas.

 The chase




Making the d5 sacrifice-

  • Do not sac a knight when a pawn is on d6 (as you cannot play d5-d6)
  • If a knight is on c6, a sac could work as recapturing would force the knight on c6 to move and allow d5-d6
  • A knight sac on d5 is effective when the light bishop is on b3, so the c file is free.
  • Do not sac a knight on d5 after black has castled
  • If black wastes tempo by moving b5-b4, attacking the knight, a d5 sac would be effective
  • If black is far away from castling and plays Nc6-Na5, a sac would be effective on d5 with the bishop in order to prevent the exchange.

The e7/f7 complex