A Caro-Kann adventure from the 1991 National Open

Dec 28, 2009, 10:52 AM |

The National Open is a six round Open event that is usually held in early summer. For a while, the tournament alternated its location between Las Vegas and Chicago, but lately, it's settled down in Las Vegas. I played in this event in 1991 and went 2-2-2 with an event performance rating of 2120.

What follows is my last round game, which features a departure from Caro-Kann theory on move three!  This game also appears in the NIC database and can be found here:   http://www.newinchess.com/NICBase/Default.aspx?PageID=400

White did get an opening edge, but the position had plenty of dynamic potential.  White's push to f5 on move 15 didn't work, since there was no real threat. Ten moves later, the game was over.