Bartholomew vs Chan Philadelphia Open 2010

Jan 10, 2011, 1:54 PM |

When the Foxwoods tournament held over Easter Weekends moved to Philadelphia, it became known as the Philadelphia Open.  Many strong players followed the event from Connecticut to Pennsylvania, along with the prospects to obtain IM and GM norms in the Open section.

Here is a first round game from last year that I find interesting.  Black offered a Dutch Defense, and White complied, eventually resulting in a modern Stonewall setup.  White got a comfortable position with practically zero risk, and then was able to tie his opponent up on the Queenside.  On move 30, White speculated in exchanging Knights and got the recapture hoping for. 

Slipping a few moves later in his transfer of operations to the e file, Bartholomew let his opponent out of his bind.

The decision to accept the draw must have been pragmatic.  For one thing, this was the first round and a half point would mean good pairings for a few rounds.

What can we learn from this game?  I think it is a good lesson in the need for patience.