Ewing Quad, round 1

Dec 9, 2013, 6:12 AM |

This game occurred during the weekend at a local quad event.  The time control was g/90 with 5s delay. 

I've been seeing the QGD Exchange variation a lot in OTB play.  It is an opening where White is often able to exert steady pressure well into the middle game.  With best play, I'm not even sure that Black equalizes though errors and inaccuracies are likely on both sides.

In this game, White's position was so good that he could actually toss a Pawn and still have good chances.  The ensuing R vs 2 minor piece middle game favored Black but presented both players with difficult choices.

If you play through the game and read some of the commentary, you will gain insight into defending vs the Queens Gambit Declined, Exchange variation.