Fireworks in the Desert. Brasket vs Saidy Lone Pine 1976

Mar 1, 2012, 4:40 AM |

In the mid 70's, Curt Brasket mowed down all of his competition in Minnesota events, watching his rating all the while, to be sure he could qualify for Lone Pine. At the time this game was played, the Saemisch Variation of the King's Indian was a popular way for White to handle the opening.  I used it myself, transposing to it if I had to face a Pirc Defense.

Here Brasket chose the uncommon 7.c5!? which forces Black to decide what to do about the center and the Queenside. Later, with the center closed, action shifted to the Kingside, culminating in a spectacular Rook sacrifice on f7, critically weakening e6-f7-g8.

Of all the fantastic games played at Lone Pine, this is one of the most memorable to me.