Four Knights English: How one master loses to another

May 25, 2010, 12:08 PM |

When you sit down to the chessboard and see an English Opening, you have to be mentally prepared to "go deep". You may well get nothing from the opening, and get into a middlegame where neither side has the initiative.  It may take 40 moves or so for someone to make a decisive error.

In this game, we see the elements of a game that has gone deep. Black equalizes, and then emerges with an edge.  Exploiting a King that is loose for lack of castling, Black cashes in and achieves a decisive advantage, only to toss it away on move 36.

Still having drawing chances, White slips again on move 43 and it's over.

The value of this game is not in its theoretical significance or its brilliance.  Rather, it's a great example of how one master loses to another in regional events.