Fresh territory in the Sicilian Sveshnikov

Jan 24, 2010, 1:39 PM |

If you practice a popular opening system like the Sveshnikov lines in the Sicilian, it's not practical to keep up on the latest theory in the main lines. Indeed, it's not possible to know everything in the theory of a system like this. You have to specialize at some point.

Whenever I encounter a booked up Junior, I prefer to take the game into channels that I hope will get them out of book and leave me with decent chances.  In this game, I deviated from the well-trodden paths on move six. The ploy worked, and I got good chances. In time pressure, approaching move 40, I decided to let the game slip into an easy draw. Maybe I should have pressed on for the win.

This game, and especially the accompanying notes sheds light on this unpopular line in the Sveshnikov.  I will get more chances to try it.