Hedgehog setup in Sicilian Kan

Jul 19, 2010, 9:05 AM |

This game occurred in the final round of a Quad event in West Chester, PA this month.  After mediocre play in the opening by both players, we ended up in a Sicilian Kan.  I chose to defend this position with a Hedgehog setup and equalized with good chances.   In time pressure I played an "idiot combination" and turned a good position into an equal one.  Another inaccuracy, and I was looking at a struggle just to hold the draw.

After an astonishing double error on move 47, I managed to get down to a Rook and Pawn ending that had decent drawing chances.

Though I did draw this game, I'm a little disappointed in my lack of discipline at the board.  Errors like the ones I committed in this game are a vexing problem of mine.  I know better but I don't always do better.  When am I going to learn?