Masters with Class A Ratings

Jan 18, 2010, 8:02 PM |

Beware of rapidly improving Juniors.  Many of these kids play near master strength, though their ratings are only in Class A territory.  In this game, my opponent was eleven year old Eric Liao, in a Quad event that occurred in May of 2008.

I was unable to lose this kid in the dustcloud of theory in the Sicilian Sveshnikov system, but did manage to reach a middle game with decent chances.   Missing a chance to gain an extra piece on move 25, I had another chance five moves later. With my clock ticking down to less than ten minutes, I found a line that forced perpetual check. I considered the continuation that would have won at that point, but I didn't fully trust my evaluation. So, I wimped out and took the draw. 

If you read and understand the annotations to this game, you will gain some understanding of Sveshnikov theory.