Missed Opportunities in Error Alley

Aug 4, 2010, 11:06 AM |

Error Alley is moves 25 to 40 in longer form time controls.  If you are playing a near equal position, that is when the decisions are the most difficult and the time pressure begins to mount.

In this game, which occurred in Round 1 of the Hamilton Chess Club Quads on July 23, the action entered Error Alley with a nearly equal position. I declined a draw offer because I had 8 to 10 minutes advantage on the clock.  All this vanished as we approached move 40, and as the seconds waned on my clock, I had to settle for perpetual check.  I just couldn't find the way to close the mating net.  So, let's start with that tactic.  White to move and win.

















And now for the game.  The middle game in this encounter is a typical Maroczy Bind position that could have arisen from several openings, including a King's Indian, a Sicilian, or in this case an English.