Pelts vs Gurevich: What happens when you squeeze a Hedgehog too hard?

Oct 6, 2010, 2:50 PM |

This game occurred in the 1990 Illinois Open, and since I'd been crushed by Andrew Karklins hours before, I had ample time to witness the waning minutes of this game.  This game is a great example of what both players should do when Black adopts a Hedgehog setup. White should take the space advantage that is given and try to make something of it;  Black should bide his time and strike in the center or elsewhere as the position demands.

Pelts amplified his space advantage by pushing his g and h Pawns, eventually liquidating them.  He slipped on move 25 when he should have played 25.g6 and left the Black Pawn structure in ruins.  With his intact Pawn structure, Gurevich shifted action to the Kingside and by move 40 the White King was vaporized.