Philadelpha Open Round 4. Fedorowicz vs Holt

Apr 26, 2011, 10:03 AM |

Both players are on the 5 day schedule, so this round would have started at 11AM on Friday.  Fedorowicz, with the White pieces ended up on the White side of a Queen's Gambit Accepted, and opted for the quiet 5.Qxc4, maintaining balance of material.  Later, in a position that resembles a Catalan, White opted for 11.Nxd7, which isn't bad, but it's no serious try for an edge.  You could infer from this play that Fedorowicz was already in the mood for an easy draw.

To me, it's antithetic to blow an opportunity with the White pieces like this, but I do understand it. There's another round to play after this one, and if you spend six hours drawing a game that you could have drawn in three, you are out a whole lot of energy.  When you have to play two rounds a day, fatigue induced errors are a real concern.

Holt's 13...Bxc5? should have cost him the game. That was no time to cede a pair of Bishops, and in fact, he missed a chance to get an edge.  At this point in a tournament, it's important to take any edge you can get.  If you have a small advantage, your opponent probably won't refuse a draw offer. 

A few moves later, Fedorowicz got a nice tangible edge and cashed in on a draw offer. I don't like this "resource management" aspect of the game, but It's completely understandable.  Holt gets away with another slimy draw.