Sicilian Kan: J Polgar vs Mark Ginsburg

Mar 28, 2011, 7:53 PM |

This game occurred in the penultimate round of the 1988 New York Open.  Mark Ginsburg defeated a very young Judit Polgar in what turned out to be a difficult struggle with plenty of errors on each side.

There is much to like about this game.  For one thing, it demonstrates the flexibility in the Kan variation of the Sicilian. In this game, Ginsburg's odd looking 11...Bf4!? was able to set up a timely 12...d5! and Black equalized without much difficulty.  When and where to strike in the center is one of the key judgments Black has to make when playing this line in the Sicilian.

As in many other games, we see the errors that occur as the game nears move 40. Ginsburg missed a chance to exit the tournament hall early on move 35.  Polgar missed a couple spectactular opportunities to draw this contest on moves 37 and 39! 

Errors aside, the ending was a good example of how to use a Bishop against a Knight when Queens are on.  Polgar's Knight was relegated to blockade duty, while Ginsburg had the ability to shift action from kinside to Queenside as needed.