Splattering a Puerile Twerp

Feb 6, 2010, 5:15 PM |

If you hang around the chess world long enough, you will run into opponents who feel like they have to take out their defeat on you. Oh, and they have to have a rematch.  Always. 

Here's an example of a blitz game where my opponent started taunting me in the chat window during and after the game.  On move 19 when I snapped off his Bishop, he typed "Lucky Boy".  Later in the game he made a few other choice remarks. I wish I'd saved the text in the chat window to publish it here. 

But for a moment, let's forget the drama underlying this Blitz game, and reflect on its instructive value.  If you play through this game, you will get an idea of how Black can handle the Wing Gambit in the Sicilian Defense.

Okay.  Here's the bottom line.  You don't have to take crap from an opponent.  You can turn off chat if he uses the chat window to hurl insults.  When the game is over, remember this.  Nobody owes anyone a rematch.  Don't feel obligated to give one.

Next time you defeat a childish opponent, may the end be as satisfying as this one was!