Taking it to the King's Indian King II.


This game occurred in Round 2 of the West Chester quads on April 2nd.  For the first fifteen moves or so, I was burying my thumbs in my ears because my opponent was eating chicken salad with cruncy lettuce during the game. I wish players wouldn't do this. It's just rude to eat at the board while the game is in progress.

That said, there's another aspect to eating while playing chess.  Food will draw blood to your stomach and away from the brain. If you eat too much food, your chess will suffer.  A little hunger sharpens the mind.  Believe it!

Now, in this game, My opponent started reeling off King's Indian moves between bites of chicken salad. I figured he'd know how to handle the usual queenside plans, so I opted for a Semi-Averbakh, which leaves the option of White launching an early attack against the Black King.  This is a powerful weapon that works best if it involves the element of surprise. The resulting positions are sharp and difficult to play. 

If you crave King safety, this line is not for you!