Wu vs Shabalov. A Giuoco Pianississimo from Philadelphia 2010

Jan 7, 2011, 6:46 PM |

I used to play the white side of the Giuoco Piano/Two Knights/Hungarian Defense. I never felt comfortable playing the Evans Gambit, which is makeing a comeback of late. This game is a good example of the quiet approach to King Pawn games. 

This game occurred in Round 1 of the Philadelphia Open in April of last year.  Wu decided to play it safe and solid and predicably got nothing from the opening.  Shabalov, playing a sideline of the Giuoco Pianississimo equalized without much difficulty.  Just as Queens left the board, Shabalov outplayed his opponent on the Kingside and won a Pawn.

Unable to generate any compensation for his material, Wu soon found his pieces disorganized and unable to generate any counterplay.