The Rematch

May 3, 2011, 6:58 PM |

There's nothing I like better than a bit of nostalgia, and tonight I take you back to my very first blog post entitled, appropriately, My First Annotated Game.  This was a game against my Romanian friend Simeone, whose dedication to the game of Chess has always been an inspiration to me. I would guess that overall the series between Simeone and I is split.  In the game first annotated however, I was able to gain a swift victory via some rather hard-hitting tactical maneuvers.  It is thus only fitting that I now annotate a more recent game which we shared, after I came back to playing chess after a 2-year break.  During my break, Simeone played almost 6,000 games of blitz/bullet and 3-day chess while I played zero games of any thing remotely Chess-related.  This game will reflect this vast gap of experience.

So in the end Simeone got his way: A queen's mate on the kingside.  Overall I would say that I ought to have developed more thoroughly before going on the attack (the bishop is STILL on c8 after it's all over), and have spent more time calculating all the various tactical threats on the board (I feel as though I have much less excuse for missing big moves when they involve queens).  A quick and humbling game, but an instructive one nonetheless.