The Black Knight

Jun 2, 2009, 7:00 AM |

As Gordon strolled across the darkened rugby pitch, he tried not to be spooked by the shadows being thrown across the grass. The passing headlights of cars cast frightening figures on the ground which seemed like they were following, even chasing the young man. He quickened his pace. Danger was in the air, and something was afoot, other than the strange lumps at the end of his legs. It seemed obvious to Gordon that safety was there to be found if only he could make it to the tree line, out of the open space. He cast a furtive glance around and quickened his step, almost at a trotting pace now. Gordon’s heart beat faster, and his feet began to fall in time with its thump thump. However, he now began to hear another noise; that which struck terror into his already hyper-active cardio-vascular system. He knew that the thing he had been dreading was drawing nearer. Gordon was too afraid to turn and look, but instead ran faster, striving to reach the trees, hoping beyond hope that he wouldn’t be too late, but knowing that even if he did make it, safety still would not be guaranteed.

To be continued...